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Why is it good to have an attractive business card

You can not always represent your business via email or online communication. That is why business card remains important in this era. Moreover, most business owners keep business cards handy quickly to potential clients, so they don’t spend time emailing them.

Over 27 million business cards are printed daily and 10 billion business cards annually. But out of 10 billion, 8 billion are thrown within a week. So, it’s better to have a good design and purpose for your business card.Furthermore, the statistics say that colored business cards last ten times more than a simple white card.

Brand Identity of your business

The business card you are using says a lot about your business reputation. Besides your personal information such as phone number, email address, office, and website, it is also a brand identity of your business. Your business’s texture, logo, design, and color will attract clients and build a solid reputation among them. Furthermore, some techniques can spruce up your business cards, such as thermography or laminating,foil stamping, and embossing.

First & Right Impression

As we discussed the designs above, the business can convey a message to your customers and make them take a step. Furthermore, it is undoubtedly a professional way to deliver your personal information to your consumers. In addition, 75% of the customers will judge your business from the representation of your business cards – as the study says. It is the first and right impression of your business.

Awareness of your business

The business cards are pocket-sized and can be given to anyone you like. If the business card is appealing enough, the customers will also prefer your brand to others. Furthermore, your business card will be a spellbound tool that will make customers trust your brand, product, and business.

Basic Principles of a business card


Your business must have a classic and understandable logo, which must be printed along with the business card of your business. Moreover, you need to hire a graphic designer for that. The logo will attract potential clients and build a solid relationship with them. The logo will be a short introduction to what’s your business all about.

Creative Design

Always keep your business card design simple, not too dully. It will create a good impression of your brand. Moreover, you can quote your card to make it look more splendid.The business cards should be designed creatively, not using overwhelming words; just keep it short and straightforward.

Size and Font

Albeitthe business card comes in different sizes. It depends on you which size you prefer. The recommended size is 90mm by 5mm for advertising business cards. Moreover, the font speaks on behalf of your business card. Choosing the right font for your business card will make it look astonishing.

There are many reasons and advantages of holding a business card of your company. Let’s just dive into it.

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