Outdoor Signs

Outdoor Signs

To communicate, transmit information, and aid the receiver in making a choice based on the information supplied, custom signs are helpful signage! Even if you have a great marketing strategy, outdoor signs are highly recommended as they will aid brand recognition and awareness to everyone passing by them!

Why Should You Invest in Outdoor Signs?

Although a lot of people do not pay much attention to the outdoor signs, they can make the probability of brand awareness much higher. An easy and common example could be during a sale. If you’re a new brand and don’t have a lot of recognition, you can display a real estate sign post showing a sale you have going on; this will attract customers as they always look for good quality and affordable rates, hence are great fans of sales!

When you have your signboards on a random street or mall, maybe near another shop, it will catch your audiences’ attention and they will show interest towards you by entering your store. This is highly beneficial if you do not have a nice store location and don’t expect people to come there for shopping, this way you can get brand awareness!

According to recent studies, outdoor signs have boosted brand sales increasingly! Because customers are interested in your products or services after having a look at the brands’ signboards.

What Types of Outdoor Signs Do We Offer?

  1. Vinyl Banners: These banners will be easy to install—with grommets included—and inexpensive but allowing great exposure to your audience. As a standard, the square cut is used. These will last a long time and the excellent printing won’t fade
  2. Coroplast: This is the ideal lightweight, durable, and cost-effective signage. It’s simple to tie or nail to posts and fences, and it’s also simple to stick to doors using double-sided tape. Plus, this is waterproof, durable, and weatherproof!
  3. Roll-up Banners & Stand: These are durable and portable retractable stands that can hold your advertisement. These can be used indoors, can be found dual-sided, and are waterproof!
  4. Wind Spinner: These are unique and a great way to grab someone’s attention. It has a strong powder-coated steel frame and can display your message to the nearby passengers. Not to mention, these are dual sided as well!
  5. Real Estate Signpost: This is great for real estate advertisements. The metal frame is weather-proof and the signage itself is dual-sided. It has an easy installation process and can hold up to a 36″ wide sign!
  6. Metal A-Frames: These are black powder-coated steel frames that can display your advertisement to the audience passing by. You can collapse the frame for simple storage. Plus, these are double-sided and available in different sizes!
  7. Snap Frames: Perfect for promoting discounts and promotions while taking advantage of passing traffic in front of your business. For maximum effect, use a double-sided design. In case you have a clothing brand, you can display models with your clothes, new collection, etc.

Although Canada is moving towards a phase of digital advertising, street side businesses must still rely on business signage to help bring in customers, something which is considered as the largest hurdle. One of the essential strategies for effective branding and marketing is Outdoor Signage.

For an effective outdoor signage for your business we recommend you should follow the 4 B’s :

  • Big – Firstly all outdoor signs should be large enough so one can easily see them. Secondly the size of the artwork should be such that it covers the maximum space provided by the sign. Sizing your text is the best way to size your sign. The basic formula:  1” letter for every 10’ distance is the minimum recommended. Eg. if you want your sign to be seen from 30’ away, go for 3” at least. However considering the complete artwork the formula of 1”:3’ is the best for maximum visibility of your outdoor signs.

  • Brief – For the best marketing message on the outdoor sign for your audience, always remember that “less is more!”. Since most of them would be driving, you have a very tight window of approximately 3 seconds to attract your audience. The more text you incorporate the less likely are the chances that it would be read hence failing the ultimate purpose of the sign. Therefore Keep it Brief!

  • Branded – If you think that 85% of your potential customers pass by your business then outdoor sign is a perfect product to promote your brand. It is important that your brand should be recognizable and the more often your target audience sees it the more recognizable it becomes. Ensure you include your logo and company colors on your signage. Also your advertising fonts should be consistent to achieve a good brand recognition.

  • Bold – Interesting facts to share: Full colored sign creates the best impact. Use of images creates 300% more recall than the artwork without the images. High resolution imagery should be used for best results. Studies have proven that adding extra color improves reader retention by 78%. Contrast is the key to your outdoor sign’s artwork so either use a dark background with a light text or vice versa. Do not settle for dull and boring text and make a lasting impression using these outdoor signs!

With outdoor signs being one of our specialties at eSmart Prints, we have been providing these signs in Mississauga, Toronto, Montreal and the rest of Canada since quite a while now. The quality we provide both for the hardware and print makes our customers repeat their purchase again and again. No matter whether you need a real estate / lawn sign or just a noticeable sign for your business, you can count on us. We have an astonishingly fast turnaround time and can even fulfill next day orders. So if you are in a rush and need quality outdoor signs in Mississauga, Toronto, Montreal or anywhere in Canada, do not wait and order now and we will take care of all your signage needs!

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