Business Cards

Business Cards

In the age of social media, you may ask for a service provider’s contact, and they may send their Instagram or Facebook page. This does not include people who do not have access to the internet or even people who are in a hurry and don’t have time. Business cards, on the other hand, are easy to carry, and you can give them to anyone at any time, unlike social media where users may ignore such ads. Also their personal touch is hard to find in any other form of advertising.

What Is a Business Card?

A business card is a card that contains information about a firm or a person. They are distributed as a convenience and memory help during formal or even informal introductions.

The business card is a representation of your company’s brand. It not only conveys vital personal contact information such as name, title, email, website, location, and phone number, but it is also frequently the first exposure to the overall picture of the firm.

What Potential Benefits Do Business Cards Give?

  • Quick And Easy: In case you meet a potential employee, partner, or customer, you can have a small talk and then hand them your card if they want to contact you further professionally. Since these are pocket-friendly, you can carry a ton of them anywhere! No extra contact or number is required.
  • Available For Everyone: Don’t forget about your customers who do not have a phone, internet access, or don’t know how to operate one, including the underprivileged or older generation. Business cards can be easy for them to contact your firm.
  • Shows Professionalism: When working with international or large firms, they wouldn’t like you giving them a handwritten note with your email or social media page; however, a business card including the same details would seem professional and create a good image.
  • Affordable: Business cards may be bought in bulk at a reasonable cost. The amount you print is variable; adjust the quantity based on how many you’re likely to utilize daily.
  • Can Be Recovered: If your social media pages are deactivated or hacked, you can’t contact pending clients, nor can they contact you, until you get it recovered. However, if you lose a business card, just make or get another one, it’s simple.

What Types of Business Cards Do We Provide?

Some users like to have simple business cards, while some like to have luxurious ones. It all depends on the company type, budget, and preference. Therefore eSmart Prints has a variety of card options you can choose from. You can check the list below:

  1. Standard: This is the cost-friendly option, but still is of a thick, premium quality. Plus, you can choose the type of finishing you like, matte or glossy. It’s more of a basic business card.
  2. Silk Laminated: Silk business cards provide an exquisite appearance and a silky-smooth feel to them. These business cards are also more tear-resistant and water-resistant.
  3. Spot UV: These are more towards the luxury side. This type of card highlights your brand name, logo, or anything else you like, hence pops off the card with a glossy sheen that contrasts sharply with the rest of the cardstock, color, and texture.
  4. Suede: Suede business cards are matte laminated business cards with a velvet-like feel. These cards offer a tactile feel that provides recipients with a genuine one-of-a-kind experience.

Business Cards In Canada

eSmart prints pioneers in providing premium quality business cards solution to its customers. Nowadays, the business environment has become too competitive so it is necessary for any business to explore other means or mediums of introducing their services to the market enabling them to stand out among-st their competition and pique interest of the current and potential customers. A Business Cards Toronto is not just about your contact information; it is an integral part of any professional life. It is not just about selling your products and services; it shows who you are as a brand. Business Cards Toronto can be critical to the development of any big or small enterprise, as they are often handed to prospective clients and customers; they are a highly personalized form of marketing. With unique designing and creative style, eSmart prints provides you with the convenience of customization that enables you to get a Business Cards Toronto designed as per your needs and requirements.

As the world is progressing towards the digital era where the mediums of communication have transformed significantly, Business Cards Toronto still hold a unique and dominant position in the corporate world. It’s a form of an identity that stays with the person for a longer period of time and allows you to stay on top of the mind of your potential clients. Based on your requirements, our dedicated team of professionals helps you to design and create an interactive Business Cards Toronto that effectively delivers your desired message across the significant number of audience and efficiently place you among most preferred business partners. We at eSmart understand the importance of Business Cards Toronto in your corporate life and that’s why we make sure that it is crafted from the finest materials available in the market so that you can get your business emboss in the right people’s minds. Business Cards Toronto are perfect for handing out at any client meetings, at promotional events or trade shows, at any place of gathering, your card could mean the difference between breaking the deal and being forgotten. Be it any industry, from health sector to technology sector, we cater your every need and help you to create a business card Canada that not only have lasting impression but also helps you to stand out among other players.

No business can survive without business cards. Our business cards Canada are premium as standard. They come with a smooth finish and an outstanding printing quality giving your clients an impressive touch. We use thick premium business card stock with a matte or gloss finish.

No matter whether you are located in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, or anywhere else in Canada, you can get our business cards delivered to your doorstep.

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