Wind Spinner


Get your message right in front of the passing trade. A strong powder coated steel frame for outdoor use.

  • Great attention grabber
  • Double sided
  • Changeable inserts

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Product Description

The best way to make the most of a windy location, the custom printed Wind Spinner Sign draws attention revolving in the wind and showcasing your beautiful design -slowly enough to be read yet fast enough that they won’t be missed. In a world of static sidewalk signs a Wind Spinner is a breath of fresh air. Try a dynamic new way to promote yourself with these beautiful Wind Spinner Signs.

Wind Spinners

Some of us look for unique ways to market our brand, so people find it appealing and may become our potential customers. However, with busy life these days and everyone’s wish to have their startup, trying something unique can be a bit difficult. However, there are still some signs which a lot of businesses or stores don’t use, such as wind spinners that are like rotating signs! Want to know more about wind spinners? Then keep reading!

What Are Wind Spinners?

Designed for outdoor usage, the Wind Spinner is made of steel and epoxy-coated in black. It is powered by utilizing the wind’s strength to create an eye-catching sign. Also known as rotating signs, wind spinners are a great way to market your brand. The only thing required to get these things moving is a small breeze. When people see your double-sided spinning signs whirling in the wind, they’ll be drawn to them.

The wind spinner sidewalk signs rotate and display your message while the sign spins in the breeze and wind. This ensures a 360-degree view for the audience. Adding Wind Spinner signs to your outdoor marketing plan is a guaranteed method to get people to notice you, your business, and your brand.

How Are Wind Spinners Beneficial?

Featuring full-color images, this wind sign spins and twirls as wind blows; printed on the highest quality coroplast available, you can choose this design when you’re planning a festival or outdoor performance. It’s also a great choice for fundraising walks and 5K races in the park, at sports clubs, and on polo fields.

Rotating signs also have a relatively easy setup process. Also, you can just take out the graphics easily and replace it with a recent one. Since these are dual-sided, you can make it attractive from both sides, making it interesting for people from all angles; these are perfect for sale displays too!

In addition to attracting attention at entrances and departure points as well as vendor tents, Wind Spinner signs may also be used outside for other promotional purposes! These will be stable in strong winds, unlike lightweight signage, and won’t move from their place. Hence, you won’t have to worry about losing your sign anytime!

Should You Invest in a Wind Spinner?

Now that we have got to know how durable, portable, good-quality, and attractive rotating signs are, there isn’t any reason not to get them! The best part is that, since a lot of brands do not use these, it will be a unique piece of advertisement for the audience!

Plus, nowadays everyone uses banners, billboards, and digital media for marketing, while users want to see something different from that. Using rotating signs can be a great opportunity here! You can get recognized or featured with the help of your marketing which can later lead to loyal customers!

Please use the following templates to design your artwork. To download, click on your desired size:

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Adobe Illustrator

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Wind Spinner Wind Spinner Wind Spinner


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