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Custom Wedding Signs & Banners


Wedding signs & banners are considered to be one of the most essential pieces of wedding décor in Toronto these days. Make your day memorable with our Custom Wedding Signs & Banners. Wedding props and posters starting at $10. Next Day Delivery. Order Online or Call Now! They add a personal touch to your Toronto wedding, welcoming your guests to the venue, leading them to the events of your wedding ceremony and letting them know what is served on the menu. Custom wedding signs & banners have become a top trend in Toronto where many couples design their own events signs & banners so that they can use it later as a decoration in their homes.

Here are some of the ideas for your custom wedding signs & banners:

Welcome Sign: 

Placing a welcome sign at the entrance of the venue is a lovely idea to create the very first  impression on your guests.

Directional Signs:

These signs help to direct guests around your wedding venue to locate ceremony events, reception, photo booth, bar, buffet etc.

Seating Chart Sign:

A seating chart sign will ensure that your guests know their allocated seats and do not feel confused where to sit.

Ceremony Carry Signs:

Your bridesmaids or groomsmen can hold up these signs before your entry to the ceremony. These signs can state wordings such as “Just Wait Until You See Her” or “They didn’t trust me with the Rings”.

Wedding Hashtag Sign:

This type of a sign can let guests know which hashtags to use for sharing their clicked images.

Catering Menu Sign:

It is always good to mention the catering menu on a sign so that your guests know what is being offered and do not miss out on any of their favorite dishes. Also people who have some diet restrictions might find it very convenient to have information about the food e.g. vegans.

Gifts Sign:

It is always best to have this sign so that the guests know where to deposit their gifts.

Photo Booth Signs:

Photo booth signs guide the guests where to go and how to gather in groups.

Other ways to use custom wedding signs and banners on your special day:

  • Timetable of your event can be displayed.
  • Guests can be asked to switch off their phones or remain seated.
  • Bride & groom’s names can be displayed.
  • Guests can be instructed on what to do when you walk down the aisle.

Whether you are planning to have a wedding in downtown Toronto or in a scenic open air venue in Montreal, our custom wedding signs & banners are easy to carry and can be used for outdoor events as well.

At eSmart Prints we ensure to make your big day more exciting by providing you the best quality wedding signs & banners in Toronto and that too within a minimum possible turnaround time. So even if you are in a rush to get your wedding signs & banners, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will take care of it.

Some wordings for your Toronto wedding signs & banners may include the following:

  1. #Just Married.
  2. And the story begins…
  3. #Married in Toronto.
  4. Please sign our guestbook.
  5. Grab a prop and pose. (photo booth)
  6. It was always you.
  7. Two less fish in the sea.
  8. #Toronto Wedding.
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