How to Design a Banner Stand

Roll up banners play a very important role when it comes to exhibitions or tradeshows; when you are to advertise your product without bragging much about it yourself. In simple words this can help us serve as fire-and- forget advertising! Hence it’s the best source of advertising.

It just means we have to get the right design and right amount of information on your banner for an incredible impact that you want to leave among your customers.  However, it’s not as easy as perfect the results sound. Hence, here we are with some tips and tricks on how to design a roll up banner that generates that impact.

1. Logo Placement

This is one of the very important decisions that you have make while designing a roll up banner. Company introduction is necessary in any case! Hence, to make sure our customer doesn’t gets carried away it’s always important to put the logo along with your main message at eye level. This is because it’s the first place viewers usually look at. It is most likely to grab the viewer’s attention as they walk past then.

2. Think 360

Don’t forget that customers will always read from TOP to BOTTOM and LEFT TO RIGHT! Just as, we were taught to read in our childhoods. Hence keeping this in mind only put limited and relevant information to your utmost priority. It’s not about just spreading the info all around. Think and plan before what and how to put.

3. High Quality Images

Images are a part of banners that can’t be just missed out on! Just make sure the colors and pixels are not compromised on! The resolution should be set to 300 dots per. Your images are the royalty of your roll up banner. Hence don’t forget to use the relevant images only, since you are trying to grab the customer’s attention.

4. Contact Details

There are times where you are unable to talk to everyone in attendance. So mentioning your contact details will help your customers to reach out to you easily! Hence, including contact details is always important!

Make sure you don’t miss out on the planning part to measure the effectiveness of the banner results. We hope these tips and tricks have given you at least a kick start for designing a roll up banner!

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