Birthday Banners & Signs

Birthday Banners & Signs

Birthday signage is one of the most essential ingredients for a birthday celebration. A birthday party seems incomplete without a hanging banner or a displayed sign. For most of the people the loveliest and most long-awaited day of the year is their birthday. They love gathering with their friends and family to celebrate this delightful occasion mostly in the form of a birthday party where they can enjoy every moment of the day. Birthday banners and signs are the perfect way to make this occasion unforgettable.

Curious to know what options do you have to make a birthday party memorable?


If it’s not a big party you are throwing you can use email as a channel for invitation but you need to ensure that it reaches all the guests. Paper invitations are never out of fashion and if you want your guests to feel special you can use material like postcards to leave a good first impression on them.

Decorating your yard with custom birthday messages

There can never be a better place to display your custom birthday signs than a yard. No matter if it is the very 1st birthday or someone’s 50th one, it is always a great idea to have the yard’s birthday signs. Balloons are a good idea to make your party more decorative but if you want to be more creative you can always use these yard signs to increase the uniqueness of the festivity. There are many ideas that you can implement for these signs and we will discuss some of these here

  • A 3D age number is one of the options
  • Colorful cupcakes are attractive as decorations
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY with all separately made alphabets is quite in fashion.
  • Animals or theme characters are popular eye-catching decorations too.
  • You can even display the messages from the people who cannot attend the celebration on these signs.

Birthday Banners

Banners are one of the most essential decorations for a birthday party. They are considered to be the symbol of birthdays. As a matter of fact they are the announcers of a birthday party and can be complemented with designs such as flowers, letters, different shapes etc. to create an extravagant effect on your birthday theme.

Birthday Backdrops

The 21st century’s birthday is incomplete without a backdrop as no birthday goes without thousands of clicks and selfies. With the birthday backdrops you can provide your guests with a perfect photography background to fulfill their photo cravings.

Birthday Banner Stands

You can either design a birthday roll up banner stand or an x-banner stand when you aren’t sure where you are going to install the signs as they are very handy. You can even be funny with your design to make it more memorable and these stands can last for ages so you can keep them to cherish your memories later.

Birthday Foam Boards

To make it exciting for your guests to attend a birthday party, you need to be creative and this can be achieved through foam boards. You can use different cut-outs such as funny faces for endless fun. Also you can create Instagram hashtags which your guests can use as props to take photos.


Birthday Window Decals/Stickers

If you plan to celebrate a party in your garden where the house windows are visible it is an ideal location for window decals or stickers. This way you can utilize the maximum space for decoration making the party more festive. You can use different displays for these custom decals such as cake, candles, balloons, flowers, fireworks, lettering etc to make it more appealing.

Birthday Floor Decals/Stickers

Using floor decals or stickers you can create a perfect experience for the guests entering the venue and reaching the celebration spot. Use your imagination to create anything catchy like:

  • Welcome
  • Footsteps
  • Cheers to my Xth birthday
  • Directional sign
  • A beautifully designed dance floor

Directional Signs

Directional signs are a good way to guide your guests so there remains no confusion and they are well aware of the location of any celebration, food stalls etc. It doesn’t imply that your guests will get lost without these signs but it will definitely make it easier for them to find anything they are looking for.

What can you include?

  • Instead of designing a generic birthday banner you can create a personalized banner and maybe include their age or your favorite photograph of them in order to make it more memorable.
  • You can display the unique qualities of the birthday guy or girl but ensuring that you do not embarrass them.
  • Hanging banners or birthday signs do not need to be just for the person having the birthday but can also guide the guests e.g. you can use it to make it easier for the guests to locate the house or guide them to the exact spot of the celebration.
  • Usually using a light blue background is a good way to emphasize on your design but you can always use other different colors if you want.
  • Adding confetti to your design is a great way to show your audience that it is a celebratory event.
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