Although every traditional method is now replaced with new or digital methods, there is still no replacement for backdrops. You will still see these at promotions, exhibitions, red carpets, almost everywhere! Especially during photography! However, there are still a lot of backdrops you might not know about, and how helpful they can be! To learn about that, keep reading!

What Are Backdrops?

Backdrops are a variety of banners or panels that are hung across the back of a stage. You must have seen them at award shows, fairs, exhibitions, or just anywhere. These are usually used for marketing purposes, mostly with your brand name on it, and other brands too if they are part of a sponsorship.

You can design them any way you want and may even reuse them. You can use them to decorate the interior of your store or office; it makes the place look quite professional.

Types Of Backdrops And Accessories We Provide:

  1. Banner Wall: With typical widths from 8′ to 10′, this mega format tension banner wall may be used as a backdrop display. This backdrop is easy to assemble and includes a carry bag and an adjustable stand.
  2. Roll Up Banner Wall (Economy): You can add an enormous design and it can be divided into a number of roll up banners which makes it rather appealing and eye-catching. Related information may be added as well. Since you can roll them up, these are easy to use and portable as well!
  3. Roll Up Banner Wall (Premium): This is like the previously discussed backdrop; however, the premium banner wall is of better quality. These are much sleeker and would look perfect for office use.
  4. Fabric Pop-up: This is considered one of the best backdrops because it is lightweight, easy to assemble with no tools required, and this includes a carry bag! This is relatively more appealing and eye-catching than other backdrops.
  5. Magnetic Locking Pop-up: Because of their variety and convenience of use, pop-up banners are excellent for marketers at exhibitions and business events. These are lightweight, easy to set up, and portable. A unique feature is that it quickly replaces the visuals using magnetically connected graphic panels.
  6. Pop-up Banner Light: We don’t limit ourselves to the main product, but also provide add-ons that can be beneficial! These are high-quality LED lights that will make your backdrop more visible for your audience. These are durable and extremely cost-effective!

How Can Backdrops Be Useful?

While backdrops are an inexpensive option, they still create great brand promotion. For example, if an interview on TV comes, and the backdrop behind has your brand name, it will create more brand awareness on television, newspapers, conferences, etc.

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